Oil Spill Response International B.V.
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Engelandweg 33
4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands
T: +31(0)118 480 125, E: info@osri.nl

Mini Brush Skimmer

The OSRI Mini Brush Skimmer is made of reinforced polyester fiber.
The advantage of a brush skimmer is the fact that it absorbs 98% oil and only a minimum of water. The brush skimmer has a absorption capacity of 14m3 p/h and can be linked together with vacuum trucks, fire engines, powerpack, and electric powerpack.
Comes with included oil feed pump, and takes diesel as well as thicker oils, such as fuel oil.

- Mini Brush Skimmer: brush skimmer with
  capacity of 14m3 p/h

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