Oil Spill Response International B.V.
Business Center Seaports
Engelandweg 33
4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands
P: +31(0)118 480 125, E: info@osri.nl

Welcome to the website of OSR International

OSR International B.V. offers a wide variety of products to be used in case of oil spills.
From a central storage location in Vlissingen products are shipped/delivered to locations in the Netherlands and abroad.

The oil spill products offered by OSR International can be divided in three product groups:
Absorbtion materials, Recovery Systems and Silt Screens.

Product group Absorption Materials contains materials/products such as:
Absorption Booms, Absorption Mats, Absorption Rolls, etc.

Product group Recovery Systems contains products such as:
Oil Booms, Skimmers, Pumps, Powerpacks and Calamity Containers.

Product group Silt Screens is a separate group in which Silt Screens are being used in a preventive way, to protect the environment close to the areas where dredging takes place.

Next to supplying products OSR International has an important role as a consulting party in case of calamities and incidents on water. OSR International even takes care of product training.

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