Oil Spill Response International B.V.
Business Center Seaports
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4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands
P: +31(0)118 480 125, E: info@osri.nl

Universal Products

An extensive collection of absorbent materials, suitable for as well indoor as outdoor usage. Ideal for places where large disasters can occur.

- Pollution Kit 300

- Pollution Kit 600

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Pollution Kits

The Pollution container 600 offers an extensive range of absorbent materials. Ideal for places where large disasters can occur, such as ports, ships, docks, production areas, warehouses, etc.

Inhoud: 100 Mats, 4 Booms, 18 Snakes, 1 Roll smal, 5 pair of gloves, 10 wastebags with closure strips

- Oil Only, Pollution 600, 1 p/container
- Universal, Pollution 600, 1 p/container

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