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4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands
P: +31(0)118 480 125, E: info@osri.nl


Suitable for land and water usage. These products absorb all the oil, and keep floating (also after full saturation).
For swift deployment on spilled oil and fuels.

Oil Only Mats and Rolls

Oil Only Pillows

Oil Only Snakes

Oil Only Booms

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Oil Only Booms

Suitable for large spills such as water calamities, for immediate containment and absorption of oil.
Can be directly attached through muskaton and eye.

- Booms Double Skin, 300x20cm, 4 p/bag
- Booms Double Skin, 500x20cm, 2 p/bag
- Booms Double Skin, 300x13cm, 4 p/bag

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