Oil Spill Response International B.V.
Business Center Seaports
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4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands
P: +31(0)118 480 125, E: info@osri.nl


The gey sorbent for industrial maintenance. Absorbs oil, fuels, water, and chemicals. Keeps the workplace clean.

- Industrial Mats en Rolls

- Industrial Pillows

- Industrial Snakes

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Industrial Mats en Rolls

Absorbs chemicals, water and oil. Usage for small spills around machines.

- Mat Thick, 41x46cm, 100 p/box
- Mat Thin, 41x46cm, 200 p/box

- Roll Wide, 81cm x 46m, 1 p/box

- Roll Small, 41cm x 46m, 2 p/box

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